On Family

Family is a strange and wonderful thing.

The best, and most important, thing I've learned about family is that its not determined solely by biology. Being related is not the same as being family. Often times they are. Bonds are formed out of long term exposure and similar up-bringing. But this isn't the only, or the most meaningful, kind of family. The more meaningful kind of family are the people you meet in life that you know, without a doubt, will always be there for you, and you'll always be there for them.

I've been really lucky. I have both. It took me quite a while to connect with the family I was born into, because of age differences and because of who I was as a teenager, but I'm finally making those connections and am grateful for the chance. We're a group of nerdy foodies and its a wonderful experience.

As for the family I've found, this includes a whole slew of folks that have very much made my life better and more complete. This probably started at about 14, thou I didn't realize it at the time. I slowly made a friend, and he became a brother. His family became mine, and mine his. That was 16 years ago, and it hasn't changed. At 17 I met a young woman and found the other half of myself. At 18 I met another brother, a other whole family almost 1000 miles away from where I was born. And now, as I enter my 30's I've connected with more people than I can could that are like cousins or aunts/uncles.

To all of you, I love you. I appreciate you, and I'll always be there for you when you need me. You've gotten me through some of the best and worst parts of my life. You've stood with my as I've taken my vows, and I've stood with you. I would not be who I am today without you.