Mindfulness for Beginners

So I decided to get a jump on my Plan for 2017 and "read" a book well outside my usual wheelhouse. A little background first, before I get into the meat of my thoughts on this book. Firstly, as I noted already, I've begun studying buddhism recently. I've thus far found it an interesting perspective on life. The Dali Lama said it best. I'm not studying buddhism to be buddhist. I'm studying it to have another tool to be a better me. But that's not _really_ the point of this post, since I've mostly covered that already. Its relevant because the book I'm reading is about Mindfulness and meditation. Its called Mindfulness for Beginners by John Kabat-Zinn. So far I have very mixed feelings about this book. While I find his points on the benefits of midfulness and mindful meditation insightful, its couched in very new-agey language. Its focused a lot on spirituality, and that's not really a thing that I'm looking for. The most amusing part its, several times in the portion I've already read, he's implied that this isn't "just some new-agey mumbo jumbo", and then turned around and sounded exactly like what he says he isn't.

UPDATE: I was unable to listen to much more of the book. The second half was a collection of mindfulness meditations that did not fit with my goals, nor how I consume my books.