Facebook Break

Taking a Facebook break

Starting today, I'm taking a break from Facebook.

I've found that I spend too much energy on it, without getting anything in return. My newsfeed seems to be filled with nothing but political name calling, negativity, useless articles, advertising for random junk that I don't want or need in my life, and the endless crush of narcissism. With a smattering of garden variety foolishness on top.

We all have a finite amount of energy each day/week/month/whatever, and I've been spending some of mine recently in considering where I've been spending the rest, and what I'm getting back in return. One of the biggest costs without much return is Facebook. As most of you notice, I don't post much. As many of you know, that's rarely because I am want for something to say. I've just found that Facebook isn't where or how I want to say it. I don't feel like I can take the time to reflect on something and order my thoughts while participating. And I know that when I don't I often say things without being informed, or considering them. And I'm making an effort to be more deliberate with what I say, as well as what I do.

I'm not pulling away from being social. I'm just choosing to focus my energy in different ways. If you want to talk with me about something, and don't mind the friction of leaving Facebook to do it, I'd be glad of it. I'll keep messenger installed, as well as hangouts, email, SMS, Twitter, and good old fashioned face to face chats. I want to talk with you. I'm sure you have something to teach me, if I'm willing to empty my cup and listen. And that's what I'm trying to do.

I hope that I'll be writing more here in the time I'll get back, but only when I have something to say.

/x1101 (Lyle)