[Cosmic Star Heroine](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cosmic_Star_Heroine) **Start Date:** 5/3/2018 **Finish Date:** 11/24/2018 **Play Time:** 12h30m **Platform:** PSVita **Review:** **__Cosmic Star Heroine__** is a retro-styled turn based JRPG with a splash of classic adventure game thrown in. Stylistically, it feels like you _remember_ the SNES feeling (not like games actually feel, just how you remember them). It uses pixel-art, and a mostly traditional JRPG feel to evoke nostalgia It employs an interesting set of interlocking systems for resource management instead of a traditional MP pool. This system is a combination of 3 elements. _Style_, _Hyper_, and a set of abilities that (mostly) are consumed after one use, requiring each character to expend a turn to reactivate the full set of skills. _Style_ is generated by using different types of attacks, and goes into a burst pool that can be consumed, either by specific abilities or abilities that have been modified, to boost actions. _Hyper_ builds each turn until a specific number of turns passes (this differs per character), once the bar is full, the next ability is boosted. These bonuses, as well as other status modifiers that can be applied by party members stack, allowing for truly massive attacks, when properly timed. The game play is enjoyable, although with the exception of the _Hyper/Style/Refresh_ systems, I found very little novelty. While the setting is rich and compelling, the story itself isn't. Its rushed in the latter half, giving the impression that development/release may have been rushed. It also fails to really dig into the depths that the setting could provide. While there are some side missions from some of the characters in the party, most of them are either underdeveloped or wholly undeveloped. Additionally, there isn't any kind of quest tracking system, so even after getting these side quests, if you don't act on the immediately, you have no way indication they're available. The soundtrack is delightfully atmospheric and enjoyable throughout, enhancing the experience. While there seems to be a sizable community requesting New Game +, as of this writing that does not exist. After you complete the game a credits roll, you can either go back to the last encounter, or start a new game of a different difficulty. While the review reads as fairly negative, my overall experience was very positive. While the game doesn't do much that is unique, its still quite enjoyable. **Pros:** - Reasonably priced - Relatively short - Interesting systems - Excellent soundtrack **Cons:** - Underdeveloped story / characters - No quest tracking **Rating:** 7.5/10 **Trophies:** Without specifically trying for them, I got 47% of the trophies in my first playthrough.