Writing club week 1: A pixie finds itself lost in a modern-day city

I awoke wet and cold to a cacophony of terrifying sounds. Zooms and beeps and bangs the likes of which I didn't even know were possible. What kind of place is this? There seem to be buildings here, but they're made of some strange stone I've never seen and they go all the way to the sky. And the smells. What can I even say of such smells? The discordant chorus of smells range from sweeter than the finest honey to more foul than the deepest swamp. It makes me head swim.

As my mind begins to acclimate to the volume of information slamming into my senses, I reach out to Old Mother to determine exactly where I am. Or, at least, I try to. That connection I've always had, that all pixies have, is just gone. Not quite, or distant, like when flying high in the sky or sailing far off in the sea. Gone.

I don't know if we even have a word to describe how lonely and terrified I feel. I've never heard of a pixie being unable to commune with Old Mother Earth before. Not in the sky, and not on the sea. I'd say it's like losing an arm, but that begin to do it justice. Its more like suddenly forgetting what up and down mean, and wondering if you'll suddenly fall off the earth into the sky.

In my panic, I jump up to take flight, only to land sprawling in a puddle. I examine my wings, one a time. All four of them seem intact, but I still cannot fly.

As I lie here in the cold and dirty puddle I begin to cry. Alone and helpless, I begin to wander. I'm not looking for anything specific, mostly because I don't even know what to look for. Everything is so strange.

Suddenly, I catch the faintest whiff of something familiar on the breeze. I follow it, fast as I can. I tear past sleeping steel beasts, frozen black rivers, and artificial stars. The press of humanity.

I know now a bit of where I am. It's a human city, but unlike any I'd ever heard of. These humans are not like the humans of my home, but they are human, nonetheless.

Finally, I reach the place my nose told me about. Trees. Fresh water. Grass. The moment I touch the soil, I am greeted my Old Mother, and I begin to weep. This is my home. Exactly where I was only hours ago, but somehow, an age has past. The land of my childhood is gone, lost to the mists of time and lore.